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Antiquum Farm Owner Stephen Hagen

Grazing-Based Viticulture at Antiquum Farm

montana rae oregon pinot gris pinot noir podcast sustainable winemaking Apr 26, 2022

Sustainability in wine isn't something that fits neatly into a box. It depends on the specific site a producer selects for their vineyard and winery and a massive range of circumstances, some of which a person can control and many that can't even be explained. When humans connect deeply with the earth, they often find themselves growing and evolving right along with it. It happens to all of us, but some people are more in sync and aware of it than others. Awareness is at the heart of the way that Antiquum Farm owner, Stephen Hagen (below right), treats his land at the southern end of Willamette Valley.

Hagen grew up a stone's throw from the property he now calls home alongside his wife and their two children. The land is in his blood and as he's grown up, so too has his connection to how this place lives and breathes. Antiquum Farm is a lot more than a vineyard and winery. It's home to a diverse ecosystem consisting of livestock, fowl, guardian dogs, pigs, gardens, and grapevines.

I was fortunate to capture this very special two-part interview series with Stephen and his winemaker, Andrew Smith (first image, left), to help us all learn a little more about what it means to truly connect with a place and what sustainability can mean for a wine producer.

Today, every organism on the farm plays a role. It has taken Stephen a lifetime to get as connected and dialed in as he is now and he's the first to admit it. Learning to observe and respond to what his land tells him it needs is intuitive for Stephen as there's a great deal we can all learn from his dedication and leadership.

I broke the interview into two parts for you. I hope to enjoy the discussion and get as much value and inspiration out of it as I have. Scroll down for a few more lovely images for Antiquum, plus links to learn more about their wine club, events, and to find them on Instagram.

Cheers! - Montana Rae

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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