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We offer a broad range of services for people who love to enjoy and learn about wine with friends, family, and colleagues, as well as for wineries, distributors, retailers, and restaurants. We love receiving feedback from our clients and guests, and we hope their words provide you with some insight into what you can expect from us!

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"Working with Montana was a breeze! Her professionalism and experience with my last minute event request made planning a virtual tequila tasting easy. She was so accommodating and flexible with my ever changing requests. The group participating in the event enjoyed the presentation and found the virtual host to be extremely informative. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!"
- Tracey A.
Boston Consulting Group - Virtual Agave Tasting Event Client
New York, NY | 2021

"Montana is the perfect blend of knowledge and passion. We asked her to provide feedback on a selection of our wines, and we could not have been more impressed. She communicated her process to us and asked us a few targeted questions before posting. Her review of one of our most unique orange wines definitely showcased her experience and her true love for what she does. She not only provides background and history on the wines but also offers delicious pairing tips in a way that is fun and informative. Whether you are new to the wine world or would like some help beefing up your already impressive cantina, Montana will be a fantastic help! We can't wait to work with her again soon!"
- Cathy P. Gioia Wines
Winery Consulting Client

USA | 2021

"Montana came and conducted an entertaining and educational training session for the staff of our winery. Despite having a wide range of wine expertise amongst her students, she was able to adapt and flex to provide something for everyone. She selected perfect wines for the class to exhibit the different expressions of Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel in increase the knowledge and sales ability of our staff. We will absolutely bring her back for another lesson!"
- James B., Blanchard Family Wines
Staff Wine Training Client
Denver, CO | 2021

"Montana is beyond excellent - she helped me execute the perfect surprise birthday dinner for my husband; recommended wines based on our flavor profiles, set up a gorgeous charcuterie board for us and suggested foods to pair with each wine. She was so helpful and knowledgeable - we all loved her! Highly recommend working with her in whatever capacity you can."
- Karli S., Ivory & Vine Events, Owner
Private Event Client
Denver, CO | 2021

"Montana helped us host a fun wine tasting event with my kids to celebrate my husband's birthday. She was responsive, made great wine recommendations based on what we were looking for, and provided some great background info about each wine and region. She even provided suggestions for tapas-style food pairings with the wine. She has a great personality and fit right in with our group. So awesome!"
- Susie P.
Private Event Client
Denver, CO | 2021

"Montana was amazing and so helpful with our Wedding Shower. She did such a great job at catering to my family, fiance's family, and our friends wine needs. My father and many of his friends are wine snobs and sometimes hard to please, but after telling her the particular things my dad and his friends like in wines, she easily found the absolute perfect wine for them to enjoy at the party. We all absolutely loved the wine she choose for us and she was so easy to work with. We purchased a variety of different wines from pinot noir, chardonnay, rose, merlot, sauv blanc, and red blend. I told her the amount of people we were having, other drinks being served, explained the venue and she knew exactly what we needed and the amount we needed to help satisfy everyones particular wine needs. She was so great to work with and so easy to communicate with. I will definitely be purchasing from her again. Now time to plan the wedding! Thank you again Montana!"
- Laura M.
Client - Bride To Be
Denver, CO | 2021

"Mountain Area Land Trust worked with Montana for our 2021 virtual fundraiser, "Sip and Savor the Land." Montana understood our mission and made wine recommendations based on our conservation values for the perfect selection for our tasting. As we worked through the planning process, Montana's customer service was outstanding - she was responsive and gave us helpful advice and guidance. She created beautiful packaging and included wine descriptions and food pairings for our guests. Montana presented each wine to our virtual audience in an entertaining, engaging and educational way. She is confident, energetic and made the entire experience delightful. Thanks to Montana our fundraiser was a great success!"
- Linda B.
Save The Land by Mountain Area Land Trust - Virtual Wine Tasting Event Client
Evergreen, CO | 2021

"Montana is an absolute top notch professional in her field! There is no project she can't handle, and she executes everything with grace, professionalism, superior customer service and a smile on her face. Her knowledge of wines is phenomenal and her enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend her services without hesitation!"
- Lynn C.
Virtual Wine Tasting Event Client
Evergreen, CO | 2021

"We hired Montana to host a wine tasting for a surprise birthday party and it far exceeded our expectations! She is an absolute joy to work with and we would recommend her to anyone looking to add that extra element to any party or event, no matter the size. Beyond being extremely professional and punctual, she is very knowledgeable. You can tell she has a true passion for her work. She even came prepared with a beautiful and colorful info sheet that gave a brief description of all the wines we sampled that night. She truly made this party so special and memorable and we will continue to use her for future events and recommend her to all our friends!"
- Zoey K.
Private Event Client
Denver, CO | 2021

"Montana did a great job explaining our product's function & benefits. She wrote about her personal experience using each product, which is very valuable to us & our future customers. Montana asked us questions so she could align her writing with our brand's mission & vision, as well as being able to answer questions from her followers. She is a delight to work with - very thorough & kind!"
- Bekah H.
​Cheers Health Brand Collaboration
Houston, TX | 2021

"I’ve worked with Montana on a few wine-related social media projects including a promotional video. She has a strong passion for the hospitality industry and a sharp eye for creativity and aesthetics. Montana knows how to connect and engage with diverse audiences and can drive consumer behavior. I would recommend her services and look forward to working with her again."
- Leo Bortolotto
​Retail Wine Shop Client
Denver | 2021

​"It was excellent working with you! You were on top of everything and always available to clarify, we're really happy with our interaction and the great material you came up with. We were also so happy to receive feedback and find out how you liked the wine after it developed a bit! Would love to work together again in the future."
- Evelyn Hill
​Friuli Italian Wines Brand Collaboration
Italy, 2021

​"Montana is a true gem and wine connoisseur! As Maid of Honor for a friend's wedding, it was my duty to put together her bachelorette party. Although the ENTIRE day was wonderful (with spa services and other fun stuff), the very best part of the day was spent with Montana! She set up a BEAUTIFUL outdoor wine tasting for us and even helped me coordinate some vegan treats for the party (due to a vegan bride). There were beautiful flowers placed everywhere and she even made personalized wine tasting placemats. It was the FIRST time our new bride had seen her new, married name in print and she actually teared up looking at it and couldn't stop smiling the whole time. Montana made the wine-tasting fun and playful - having us make guesses for different wines and educating us while not making it overly stuffy or formal. We had SO MUCH fun with the wine tasting and just with Montana in general that we stayed for hours. It was a truly memory-making experience and the bride was thrilled. I HIGHLY recommend a wine event with Montana. I would and will absolutely do it again!"
- Emma H.
Private Event Client
​​Denver | 2020

​"Amazing package delivery. My mom is a wine enthusiast and this was her favorite Mother’s Day present she ever got. Montana picked out a great selection which not only opened her eyes to new flavors but gave her new brands in her favorite styles.  So glad I put my faith in Montana to deliver such a special gift."
- Dane D.
Personal Shopping Client
Denver, CO | 2020

"In the 2 years I've been lucky enough to work with Montana, she has been exceptionally reliable and efficient as it relates to both her work product and problem solving skills. Montana handles work emergencies with a level head - quickly remedying the situation. She is motivated, "on-it", an exceptional communicator, and a team player who always brings her A game with a great attitude. Montana will be an asset to anyone she works with!"
- Julia C.
Consulting Client
San Diego, CA | 2019

"Montana has always been a pleasure work with by displaying professionalism and strong sales admin all while offering a creative and innovative approach to whatever task she has at hand."
- Scott F.
​Winery Client
Las Vegas, NV | 2019