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The Wine Ship Podcast

Welcome to The Wine Ship Podcast

montana rae podcast Dec 21, 2021

Welcome to The Wine Ship Podcast. In this first episode, you’ll meet your host, Certified Sommelier, Montana Rae, and learn about what you can expect from the show.

Our goal is to connect with wine lovers all over and offer a fresh approach to wine education. We truly believe that no matter how much a person knows about wine, there’s always more to learn!

The Podcast will cover: 

  • Winemaking
  • Food Pairing
  • Grapes
  • Regions
  • Categories
  • Industry Trends
  • Plus the occasional foray into saké, fine spirits, and cocktails!

You’ll find a mix of episodes from Montana on her own and shows featuring special guests from the food and beverage industry.

This program is ever-evolving and was created to serve as a tool to help build your understanding and enjoyment of wine and connect all of us in a new way. If you feel intimidated by the world of wine, we get it. Montana didn’t start out knowing all about wine and to this day she continues a constant pursuit of ongoing education. After all, this is the magic of wine: you never run out of things to discover! Every wine is different, every region is different, every palate is different, every occasion is different. Trying new things and learning new concepts allows us to take ownership of our preferences and gain confidence in the wine shop or restaurant.

Sometimes people feel embarrassed to ask questions. In this space, you don’t have to! You can ask questions anonymously or you can post your inquiries on social media or our website. You are part of The Wine Ship Cru!

Got an idea for a topic or guest for our show? You can submit it by visiting! We would love to hear from you.

Join our community on Instagram @thewineship and connect with Montana @montana.rae.sommelier

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